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On this website I present you some products of the Mechanikai Laboratorium company. Mechlabor was found in 1948 by the Hunarian State. The main aim was to produce military radio equipments. In 1954 ML adopted the SM52 studio tape recorder from the Hungaria Radio Broadcast company (MR).
The studio recorder manufacturing was cover activity to hide the military main line of the military products.
The second aim was producing professional broadcasting studio equipments especially tape recorders.
From the sixties ML made more then thausand recorders a year.  Theirs more significant buyer was the  Hungarian Radio Broadcast Company
but all of socialist countries were using STM recorders that time. /STM means studio magnetophon/.
On left side of this page you found a categorized list of products sorted by time.
This is not a perfect list but I improve it regularly.

On the picture right side you can see STM224 a four track 1" format multiplayback recorder.
This type is belongs to the populous STM200 family. The weight of this recorder about 100kgs. This picture comes from the journaly of radioamateurs called Radiotechnika. This commercial was issued in April 1973.